Chambers management and leadership

We have over 20 years’ experience assisting chambers when they have wanted to improve the way chambers is managed.

This has included reviewing and providing recommendations for:

  • The role of the senior clerk or chief executive. Are one or both required? How can they work alongside each other?
  • The composition and responsibilities of management committees. Who should be on the committees, what should they focus on, and how can their time and effort best be acknowledged?
  • The role of head of chambers. What style of leadership is required in different circumstances?
  • Approaches to members’ contributions. What are the different criteria that are appropriate to be a basis for contributions?

And underlying all these issues there is the question:

  • Does chambers have a strategy or sense of direction? If they do, is it clearly articulated and shared?  If not, do they want to create one?

The consultancy projects that we undertake are tailored to the particular requirements of each chambers. We have no time for a “one size fits all” approach. But the starting point with our work is always an enormous amount of listening to people.

We also offer:

  • Facilitation of chambers meetings and away-days
  • Coaching for key individuals such as head of chambers and senior clerk / chief executive.

Our clients have included chambers of different specialisms in London and the regions.