Judicial 12

I found my mock interview with you both very informative and exceptionally useful.

Judicial 11

I have heard of a number of people who were seen as certainties who have not succeeded and I am sure that in many cases it will have been because they did not have the kind of guidance you gave me on the application form, interview, choice of referees etc. etc. etc. So thanks again for all your help and support; although we will never know for sure I think it may well have been critical to the outcome.

Silk 10

I have had so many lovely letters and emails that I have failed to thank you when I should have done so already. What you provided was professionalism, cool analysis and excellent confidence building. May I thank you most sincerely and encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. As you know barristers are a funny bunch, at once confident in their own abilities yet lacking in so many other ways. Your service is like a well prepared set of instructions: no spare copies, no messy presentation, no misguided flannel, just the core documents and focus in the issues.

Silk 9

Thank you so, so much for all your help. I have been telling everyone (i) not to leave it to the last moment to write the form and (ii) to at the very least get some interview training. I hope that you will be very busy next year with my friends! Your help was invaluable.

Silk 8

I am not allowed to tell you about the content of my interview; but I think that I am allowed to tell you that the preparatory session that you gave me proved to be very appropriate. I would need a lot more practice to be good at the techniques; but I hope that, thanks to your help, I will not get any more practice! I am grateful to you both.

Silk 7

I have just heard that my application for Silk has been successful. I wanted to let you know because I found your guidance, advice and support throughout the process absolutely invaluable. I am immensely grateful to you both for your sound judgement.

Diversity and inclusion 2

Thank you for such an informative and helpful session. Some of these issues can be challenging but you helped me to think about what I can do, practically, when I face them.

Diversity and inclusion 1

Thank you for all your help as you really increased my confidence. I cannot overstate the impact you have had on my attitude towards pursuing my goals and dreams.

Learning and development 10

The best course I’ve attended. Relevant, useful, informative, fun. The dedication of the facilitator was noteworthy and there was a high level of professionalism, organisation and relevancy.

Learning and development 9

I thought the course was extremely useful on both technical and motivational grounds. I suspect that it pays for itself many times over as it acts as a real spur to develop new clients and cement existing relationships. The tools on offer on the course are not ordinarily acquired ‘on the job’ of mid level and senior associates and it was clear to me that all of the participants left the course with a greater sense of purpose and confidence as to how win business.