At Sherwood, we recognise that the legal advisor role can be stressful and lonely at times. Leaders of legal departments and in-house lawyers say how much they benefit from external support an a fresh perspective as they consider the challenges facing their organisations. The in-house group offers practical and focussed coaching, facilitation and training to support the in-house legal departments in the following areas:
  • Being trusted legal and business advisors to the CEO and senior leadership or management team,including enhancing the GC role to become part of that team
  • Finding the delicate balance between the role of trusted advisor and risk manager, as well as combining innovation and creativity with a practical approach in helping the business achieve its goals
  • Managing the challenges around having more than one role in the organisation
  • Building networks outside your organisation and the importance of external visibility - for you and the organisation
  • Managing legal, compliance and reputational risk issues in an increasingly regulated environment and training the business to understand these issues fully
  • Navigating an increasingly uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment and supporting your team through change
  • Delivering a good quality service and demonstrating value for money, given pressures to do more, with a smaller budget and fewer resources
  • Meeting the challenge of managing lawyers
  • Coaching those stepping into an in-house role for the first time, or in-house lawyers stepping up to the strategic leadership role
  • Balancing outsourcing and doing the work in-house
  • Creating, monitoring and reviewing the panel of legal and other advisors and maximising opportunities for alternative billing
  • Leading with emotional intelligence, developing flexible leadership and management styles and creating a coaching culture, to support high performance
  • Managing and developing your people, giving and receiving feedback and creating a healthy feedback culture
  • Influencing and negotiating with stakeholders inside and outside your organisation
  • Enhancing credibility and gravitas

The Sherwood in-house group can also offer a range of development programmes for leaders and their teams, across national and international cultures and jurisdictions.

The case studies will give you an idea of the range of projects we have undertaken.

  • This programme has been great for my self-confidence. Every day in the office is driven by the thought that you could have done it better etc. The programme gave me a safe environment to try things out and see if they work.