Partners, chief executives, department heads, senior managers sometimes need something “extra” to get an initiative off the ground or to address a problem. Sherwood can provide that “extra” which could be:


in a particular area such as learning and development, knowledge management or business development


when the internal team needs additional help

An external and objective perspective

to complement internal views

A fresh approach

and new ideas when internal efforts have reached an impasse or need re-invigorating

We work out with you the scope and objectives of the potential project: What does success look like? Who needs to be involved? What is the best way to involve them? What has been done before that worked and did not work? What are the possible constraints to a successful outcome? How can changes be implemented and consolidated? How much time will the project take and what will it cost? We shape our approach to the requirements of the client and can also call on the experience of what has worked well in other organisations.

The areas in which we can provide consultancy assistance range across:

  • Strategy and business planning
  • Culture and values
  • Management structures
  • The roles of partners, heads of departments and senior managers
  • Business development and marketing
  • Client surveys
  • Learning and development
  • Knowledge management
  • Service delivery
  • Profit improvement – all of which involve our understanding of and experience in change management.

Part of the Sherwood approach is that “consultancy” usually benefits from an appropriate mix of our facilitation, training and development and coaching skills. Ultimately our consultancy input is about working alongside your people rather than producing reports.

All members of the Sherwood team undertake consultancy work. The case studies will give you an idea of the range of projects we have undertaken.

  • You helped us design an innovative global programme for senior associates. You lead the programme and coordinated the inputs from partners, internal specialists and others. The programme culminated in a simulation which provided stretching and realistic scenarios using professional role players. The participants very much appreciated your energy and enthusiasm and your challenging yet supportive feedback.
  • You were integral to the success of a business development program for our associates in Europe. Your book, The BD Handbook for Lawyers, and your deep expertise applied the information in an interactive and practical way. You were responsive, collaborative, flexible, and focused on our needs. Your contributions were extremely valuable and led to a strong ROI.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with you on different consulting projects. You are knowledgeable about CRM and selling skills and display great skill at developing programmes for bringing about change. An entertaining presenter as well!