12th July 2016

Women at the Bar Survey

Results of the recent survey for Women at the Bar are now available – over 1300 women at the Bar responded (that’s about a quarter of all women at the Bar) – sad to see that 2 out of 5 respondents have had experience of harassment and discrimination though. Link […]
11th July 2016

How to Negotiate with Liars and Cheats

According to social scientists we all tell one or two lies, on average, every day. Negotiators are no exception. They may even be more deceptive as they attempt to get the upper hand. So it clearly makes sense for negotiators to take steps to deal with deception. Leslie K. John, […]
8th July 2016

Silk interviews 2016

Silk interviews this year (in London) will run from 28 Sep – 3 Nov. Interviews will also be held in Manchester on 11 and 21 oct. Availability for interview emails have now gone out from the QCA and need to be confirmed by 18 July. All candidates who have applied […]